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I recently got feedback that schools are letting you guys accsess the website. AWSOMNESS!!!!!!!!!!! i knew we wound win the war and whats up with you people and not subscribing is you do i will sent you emails of new games and random comic strips and jokes well actually its basically a newspaper but , wait for it....................................IN COLOR!!!!!
Check out our education section for fun educational games that teachers will MAKE you play!
Have you ever hatted it that every time you are in school and you want to play a cool game you get blocked well i feel you and you know how they say it has to do with school they cant say NO to this first because schools cant block it and secondly it has a educational section (even though you wont use it) which i shall show to my teachers so they will let us into the website without getting mad so have fun and don't get busted!


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    January 2013



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